Team Check-In

Online Team Check-In 

Tuesday, February 28th at 10 am MST and will continue until Friday, March 3rd at 8:00 pm MST

It is strongly recommended you check your team in online, as this will expedite the wristband pick-up.

To check-in online,

  • log into your TM2sign account
  • go to 2023 Colorado Crossroads 
  • find the team you wish to check-in 
  • click on the purple button that says, “Check-In Online”
  • bring a copy of the online check in receipt you will receive, either printed out or on your phone

The purple check-in button will only show up after 10 am Tuesday morning.

If you check-in online, you must still come to the Colorado Convention Center and pick up your team’s wristbands on Friday, March 3rd between 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm. There will be no team check-in on the day of play. 

Team check-in will be located near the escalators when you walk in the front door.

A team can authorize any adult to check the team in during that time. The person who checks the team in must present the Team Check-in Form; and will then receive the team credentials needed to enter the playing area.

Roster changes can be made up until you submit the form to the Team Check-In Desk. Roster will be frozen at 8:01 pm MST on Friday, March 3rd and no changes can be made after that time.

Warm up balls will not be provided, you will need to bring your own.

Wave Assignments

Colorado Convention Center door open at 7:00am day of competition.

Wave schedules are for DAY 1 of competition only. 


Play starts at 8:00 am


Play starts @ 3:00pm

18 Premier
17 Premier
16 Premier
15 Premier
14 Premier
13 Premier
18 Classic
17 Classic
13 Classic
16 Classic
15 Classic
14 Classic
12 Classic


Colorado Convention Center door open at 7:00am day of competition.

All schedules will be posted on TM2Sign.
*Schedules will be posted prior to the start of play


Teams are able to practice the night before play starts from 2:00 pm-8:00 pm.

Practice/Warm-up balls will not be provided, you will need to bring your own.


Colorado Crossroads volleyball tournament will partner with AAU and as Super Regional event for 2023.

Colorado Crossroads is working diligently to create the most competitive tournament experience for each team in each division. Formats will vary based on field size, but we are working hard to create more play-friendly formats where traditional 4-team pool play on Day 1 can be avoided.

Tiebreaker Format

Tie Breaking rules being used:

1. Match % – Number of matches won divided by number of matches played.
2. Head to Head match result between two teams. This criteria does not apply in a 3 way tie.
3. Set% – Number of sets won divided by number of sets played.
4. Point% – Total number of points you scored in the pool divided by total number of points scored against you.
5. Coin Toss

The rules will be applied sequentially in this order without repeating any previous rule


– Premier
– Classic


2023 Registration Division & Ages:

  • 12 Classic
  • 13 Classic
  • 13 Premier
  • 14 Classic
  • 14 Premier
  •  15’s-18’s will have Classic and Premier

2023 Accepted Teams

MARCH 4-6: 12s-18s

Alpine Volleyball Academy 12 Black
BullittVBA 12s
Cloud Peak Volleyball 12 Dani
Cloud Peak Volleyball 12-2
E3 12 – 1
EVA EVA 12 Blackshirts
FRVBC 12 Black
Juggernaut 11 Regional 1
Juggernaut 11 Regional 2
Juggernaut 12 Regional 2
Juggernaut 12-Regional1
LOBOS 12 Black
Nebraska ONE 12 Fuego
Panther Volleyball Club Black 12
Prime Volleyball Academy 12U Black
Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club 111
Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club 121

Alpine Volleyball Academy 13 Black
Arizona Outlaws Volleyball Club AZ OUTLAWS 13-1
Believe Volleyball Club 13 Jubilee
Cloud Peak Volleyball 13 Tory
Club V 13 Hailey
Colorado Crushers CC
Diablo 13-1 Black
EVA 13 Blackshirts
FRVBC 13 Black
High Desert Elite 13 Elite
Idaho Show 13u black
Idaho Show 13u Orange
JET JET 13 Evers
JET JET 13 Froneman
Juggernaut 13-Regional 2
Juggernaut 13-Regional1
Monument Elite VBC 13 Binny
Ohana Volleyball Club 13 Black
Panther Volleyball Club Black 13
Prime Volleyball Academy 13U Black
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 13 Fierce
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 13 Force
Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club 131
Shockwave 13 Black
Vienna Elite Volleyball Club 13-Blue
Vision VBC 13 Blue EXV

Alpine Volleyball Academy 14 Black
Alpine Volleyball Academy 14 White
Anthracite Beckwith
Arizona Outlaws Volleyball Club AZ OUTLAWS 14
Believe Volleyball Club 14 Praise
Boltz Volleyball Club 14U Desert Aces
BullittVBA 14s
Cloud Peak Volleyball 14-1
Club V 14 Olivia
Colorado Alliance Colorado Alliance – RedCloud Peak
Colorado Alliance Colorado Alliance – Sunshine Peak
Colorado Crushers CC
Colorado Impact Volleyball 14s-Paula
Core Values 14U Blue 2022
Core Values 14U White 2022
DBQ Insanity DBQ Insanity 141 National
Diablo 14-2 Green
E3 14-3
EVA 14 Blackshirts
Flatirons 14 Black
Flatirons 14 Silver
Hanai Volleyball Club Hanai Girls 14 PInk
Idaho Show Absalonson
Juggernaut 14 Regional 2
Juggernaut 14-Regional 1
Lakas 14 Rome
LOBOS 14 Black
LVBC 14 Black
LVBC 14 National
Midnight Sun Volleyball MSVB 14
Mile High Warriors 14
Montecito Volleyball Club 14 National
Nebraska ONE 14 Onyx
Panther Volleyball Club Black 14
Prime Volleyball Academy 14U Black
Prime Volleyball Academy 14U Gold
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 14 Fierce
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 14 Force
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 14 Strong
Santa Monica VBC 14 Adidas Premier
SEC Elite 14s
SIVC 14’s Black
Spikes 14s Z Pasky
SVA 14-1 Girls
Team Velocity 14-1
Ultimate Performance 14s
Vienna Elite Volleyball Club 14-Blue
WYO-ACE Volleyball Club 14 Red

BSVBC Big Sky Volleyball 14-2
BSVBC Big Sky Volleyball 14s
Club V 14 Ali
E3 14 – 1
FRVBC 14 Black
FRVBC 14 Red
NEVBC 14’s Haxtun
Ohana Volleyball Club 14 Black

Club V 15 AR Ali
Club V 15 AR Celest
Club V 15 AR Sid
Club V 15 AR Taylor
Colorado Alliance Colorado Alliance – Windom Peak
FCVBC FCVBC 15 Kirstie
FRVBC 15 Black
FRVBC 15 Red
Hanai Volleyball Club Hanai Girls 15 Green
JET JET 15 Williams
Juggernaut 15-National2
Midwest United VBC 15-1
Ohana Volleyball Club 15/16 White
Pacific Soul VBC 15-1
Vienna Elite Volleyball Club 15-Blue

Allstars Volleyball Club Allstars 15s Red
Alpine Volleyball Academy 15 Black
Alpine Volleyball Academy 15 White
Anthracite Carbon
Anthracite Ruby
Arizona Outlaws Volleyball Club AZ OUTLAWS 15N
ARVC 15R1 Adidas
ARVC 15R2 Adidas
Believe Volleyball Club 15 Hope
BullittVBA 15s
Club V AR 15 Kai
Colorado Alliance Colorado Alliance – Mt. Bierstadt
Colorado Nationals VBC 15
Core Values 15U Blue 2022
Core Values 15U White 2022
DBQ Insanity DBQ Insanity 151 National
Diablo 15-1 Black
Diablo 15-2 Green
E3 15 – 1
El Paso SOL 2023 15’s
El Paso Stars Volleyball Club El Paso Stars 15s Red
EVA 15 Blackshirts
Flatirons 15 Black
Flatirons 15 Gold
Hanai Volleyball Club HANAI 15 PINK
ITVC 15 Baden
Juggernaut 14-National2
Juggernaut 15-Regional1
Lakas 15 Myrissa
LOBOS 15 Black
LOBOS 15 Blue
Maricopa Power Maricopa Power 16 GOLD
MBVC 15 Maroon
Midnight Sun Volleyball MSVB 15
Midwest United VBC 15 Blue
Muddy Mountain Volleyball Club MMVC
Nebraska ONE 15 White
Panther Volleyball Club Black 15
Panther Volleyball Club Red 15
Prime Volleyball Academy 15U National
Prime Volleyball Academy 15U Regional
Rainier Volleyball Club U15 Summit
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 15 Fierce
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 15 Force
RVC Blackout 15
RVC RVC Knights 15
Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club 152
Santa Monica VBC 15 Adidas Premier
Show Me Volleyball Academy 15 Nationals
SIVC 15’s Black
SWVBL Gonzales 14/15
Team Name
Team Velocity 15-1
Ultimate Performance 15s
Vibe VBC 15’s-Cougars
Vision VBC 15 Blue EXV
Vital Volleyball Club Assasins 14-1

DMV Elite 16
E3 16-1
EVA 16 Blackshirts
FRVBC 16 Black
FRVBC 16 Red
JET JET 16 Kennedy
Juggernaut 16-National2
Midwest United VBC 16-1
Ohana Volleyball Club 16 Black
OK Premier 16 Diamonds
Vienna Elite Volleyball Club 16-Blue
Zootown Volleyball 16-1 Select

Allstars Volleyball Club Allstars 16s Red
Alpine Volleyball Academy 16 Black
Alpine Volleyball Academy 16 White
Amarillo Good Vibes Volleyball Club 16 1
Amarillo Good Vibes Volleyball Club 16 2
Anthracite Whetstone
Arizona Outlaws Volleyball Club AZ OUTLAWS 16N
Arizona Outlaws Volleyball Club AZ OUTLAWS 16N2
Believe Volleyball Club 16 Shine
Boltz Volleyball Club 16U Desert Aces
BullittVBA 16s
Club 801 U16 Reg. Bailee
Club Idaho 16Blue
Club Legacy 16 ALPHA
Colorado Alliance Colorado Alliance – Challenger Peak
Colorado Impact Volleyball 16s-Kristi
Colorado Nationals VBC 16
Core Values 16U Blue 2022
Core Values 16U Red 2022
DBQ Insanity DBQ Insanity 161 National
Diablo 16-3 Green
E3 16-2
El Paso SOL 2023 16’s
Flatirons 16 Black
Flatirons 16 Gold
High Desert Elite 16 Elite
Idaho Show Muzzy
Juggernaut 16-Regional1
Kongo 16 BLACK – JAMIE
Lakas 16 Clare
Lakas 16 JM
LOBOS 16 Black
LOBOS 16 Blue
LVBC 16 National
Midnight Sun Volleyball MSVB 16 BLUE
NM Chaos 16-1
Panther Volleyball Club Gold 16
Panther Volleyball Club Red 16
Prime Volleyball Academy 16U National
Prime Volleyball Academy 16U Regional
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 16 Fierce
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 16 Force
Retro Volleyball Academy Retro 16’s Pink
RVC RVC Legends 16
Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club 161 Avalanche
SVA 15-16 Girls
Team Velocity 16 Black
Team Velocity 16 Navy
Zootown Volleyball 16-2 Premier

Club 801 U17 Nat. Kaipo
Club 801 U17 Nat. Kuulei
Club V 17 AR Jaime
Club V 17 AR Lexi
DMV Elite 17
FRVBC 17 Black
FRVBC 17 Red
Invicta Volleyball 17U Kass
Midnight Sun Volleyball MSVB 17 BLUE
Midnight Sun Volleyball MSVB 17 GOLD
Vienna Elite Volleyball Club 17-Blue

303 Volleyball Academy 17 Bravo
Allstars Volleyball Club Allstars 17s Red
Anthracite Axtel
Arizona Outlaws Volleyball Club AZ OUTLAWS 17N
Believe Volleyball Club 17 Rise
Club Idaho 17Blue
Club V 17 AR JJ
Club VOS Chris-Town 17 Sapphire
DBQ Insanity DBQ Insanity 171 National
DBQ Insanity DBQ Insanity 172 National-Black
E3 17-1
El Paso SOL 2023 17s
Flatirons 17 Black
Freeze 17-1
FUNdamentals Volleyball Mystics 17U
High Impact Volleyball Club Sydney Jorgensen
HMVC 17’s Team
Juggernaut 17-Regional1
Lakas 17 Scully
Midwest United VBC 17-1
Mile High Warriors 17
Nebraska ONE 17 Lime
One Ohana 17-Dale
Panther Volleyball Club Black 17
Power National Power 17 National
Prime Volleyball Academy 17U National
Radiate 17 Gold
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 17 Warriors
Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club 171 Tsunami
SIVC 17’s Black
Spikes 17s Attitude Pasky
Swarm 17-Black
SWVBL Drelin 17-1
Team Velocity 17 Black
Team Velocity 17 Navy
Ultimate Performance 17s
Vital Volleyball Club Vital 17-1
X-Statics Volleyball Club 17s

AZ FUTURE Velocity
Believe Volleyball Club 18 Agape
Club Idaho 18Blue
Club Payson Volleyball 18’s Creighton
Colorado Alliance Colorado Alliance – Crestone Peak
Colorado Alliance Colorado Alliance – Mt. Elbert
Core Values 17U Red 2022
Core Values 18U Blue 2022
DBQ Insanity DBQ Insanity 181
FUNdamentals Volleyball Mystics 18U
Maricopa Power Maricopa Power 18
Nebraska ONE 18 Lime
NM Cactus 18 NTL
NM Cactus NM Cactus 17/18 NTL
NM Chaos 17-1
One Ohana 18-Peter
Power National Power 18 National
Prime Volleyball Academy 18U National
Prime Volleyball Academy 18U Regional
Rebel Volleyball Alliance 18 Fierce
Rip It EP
RVC Legacy 18
RVC Magic 18
Salt Lake 18 Green
Santa Fe Storm Volleyball Club 181 Thunder
Team Velocity 18 Black
Team Velocity 18 Navy
X-Statics Volleyball Club 18s

FRVBC 18 Black
Juggernaut 18-National 2
Midnight Sun Volleyball MSVB 18
Nebraska ONE 18 Black
Ohana Volleyball Club 18 Black
PSA Power 18
Zootown Volleyball 18-1 Select

Recruiting – EventBeacon & SportsRecruits

College Coaches

EventBeacon – Free Official Recruiting Software

Team rosters, athlete information, and event schedules at Colorado Crossroads will be provided to college coaches through the EventBeacon mobile app.  EventBeacon is completely free to college coaches. Student-athlete information is powered by SportsRecruits athlete profiles.

RSVP as a college coach to Colorado Crossroads and download EventBeacon to gaining access to the following: 

  • See live schedules and access team rosters and student-athlete data in one place
  • Create your program’s Watchlist to prioritize the athletes you want to see at the event
  • Build and manage your staff’s onsite schedule using game assignments
  • Favorite, evaluate, and take notes on student-athletes courtside
  • Export your evaluated athletes for upload to your CRM

Using EventBeacon is as easy as: 

  • Download EventBeacon: Download from the App Store or Google Play. Sign up for an EventBeacon account with your college or university issued email address ending with .edu.
  • Download the event you’re attending: Download event data for offline use before arriving on site to have access to schedules and athlete profiles even if you don’t have internet access.
  • Evaluate athletes courtside: Combine watching the action live with student-athlete stats and academic information to evaluate athletes easily in real-time and share evaluations with your coaching staff.


SportsRecruits Powering EventBeacon

College coaches will use the EventBeacon mobile app at Colorado Crossroads to find and evaluate student-athletes. Student-athlete profiles are sourced from SportsRecruits and centralize academic info, athletic info, and video all in one place. 

Club Staff

To ensure your athletes have access to the SportsRecruits profiles that will power the college coach recruiting and evaluation app EventBeacon, please submit your team’s roster information here: EventBeacon Team Rostering Link 


Please make sure the following information is correct to ensure college coaches have all the information they need to recruit at this event. 

  1. All of your athletes that are attending are included on the roster
  2. That the following critical information is correct: jersey number, graduation year, email, and phone number
  3. You are using emails and names that match the information athletes and parents use to register for events and correspond with college coaches.


If you encounter any trouble submitting rosters please contact


As part of registration for Colorado Crossroads, athletes will receive access to a SportsRecruits account. This will allow athletes to edit their athlete profile and take control of the athletic, academic, and contact information college coaches see courtside at the event.

If you do not receive an email to update your information at least a week before the event from SportsRecruits please submit a request to be added to the coaches book here


Colorado Convention Center

700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

Cost: Team entry fee will be $925

Medal Ceremonies

Crossroads gives team award plaques and individual medals to teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in the Gold bracket of a division. The medal ceremony takes place immediately following the team’s final match at the designated awards stage. Our medal ceremony is meant to be something special the team does together at Crossroads. Therefore medals are handed out to the team members that are present. If the players and coaches do not present themselves at the awards stage when the medals are presented, they forfeit the awards. Crossroads does not mail medals and plaques to teams that are not present at the ceremony.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be given if a team withdraws by November 30, 2022 (minus a $50 administration fee)  After that time the following policy will be in place:  

GENERAL RULE: There are no refunds for entry fees once a team submits payment except for one of the following three circumstances:

  •   EXCEPTION ONE: If Crossroads denies a team entry because the division is filled, the team may cancel its application and receive a full refund of its team registration fee, OR may go on a waiting list.
  •   EXCEPTION TWO: If a team accepts a place on a waiting list, the team may withdraw and obtain a full refund of its team registration fee (minus a $50 administration fee) any time before Crossroads accepts the team into the tournament from the waiting list. Once Crossroads accepts the team into the tournament from the waiting list, the team will not receive a refund if it then withdraws.
  •   EXCEPTION THREE: If, because of COVID/19, national, state or local authorities decide to cancel this event or the use of facilities we intend to use for the tournament or issue local travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders, mandate quarantine or border crossing orders that prevent teams from traveling to the tournament, we will refund the team entry fee.

Any team withdrawing from Crossroads MUST submit an email stating the team is withdrawing to with the club, team name, and reason for the drop. The time stamp on the email is the official time of withdrawal.

Prohibited Items

Coolers and personal chairs are not allowed in the Convention Center. Seating is provided at each court for spectators.

Still and video photography and broadcasting for commercial purposes of any kind is prohibited. Bona fide media representatives may obtain credentials from tournament management for specified coverage.

Weapons of all kinds and ammunition are prohibited, both open carry and concealed carry.

Smoking and smoking devices are prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited inside the court area.

Illegal drugs and illegal use of any drugs are prohibited in the building.

Food and drink from outside vendors is not permitted in the building.

Balloons, especially helium balloons, are banned from the building.

Personal music systems and speakers of any kind are prohibited in the building.

No noise makers for example party horns, cowbells, and artificial hand clappers.