Team Check-In 

Make sure that your rosters are in good order prior to online check-in – you must have rosters submitted before the system will allow your team(s) to check-in. Please note coaches are required to be background checked to be listed on a roster.

Online check-in will open on Tuesday March 5th at 8:00am MST and will close on Friday March 8th at 6:00pm MST. Please complete online check-in before you come to the Convention Center to pick up your team credentials.

Steps to Check-In Online: 

  1. Log in to your TM2Sign account at:
  2. From your Club’s Dashboard go to “My Events” and find 2024 Colorado Crossroads 
  3. Hit the blue “Check In Now” button for each team on your dashboard 
  4. You will verify that your roster is correct, and then hit the “Complete Check-In” button to submit 

        CREDENTIAL PICK UP: Coaches can pick up their team credentials at the Colorado Convention Center main lobby (desk by the escalators) on Friday March 8th from 3:00pm-6:00pm. Please complete online check-in prior to coming to the Convention Center. If you cannot make it by 6:00pm to pick up credentials for your team, please send another adult to pick them up for your team – (team parent, coach, club director, etc.).  

        BALLS: We are not able to provide ball rentals. Please plan to bring warm-up balls with you for your team. 

        All matches will be held at the Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver.

        Colorado Convention Center: 700 14th Street Denver, CO

        Wave Assignments

        The Colorado Convention Center doors will open at 6:45 a.m. on each day of competition so that morning wave players and coaches can enter the convention center and go onto their designated courts.

        Wave schedules are subject to change prior to DAY 1 of the competition.

        12 Classic PM Start
        13 Classic AM Start
        13 Premier AM Start
        14 Classic PM Start
        14 Premier AM Start
        15 Classic PM Start
        15 Premier AM Start
        16 Classic AM or PM Start
        16 Premier AM Start
        17 Classic PM Start
        17 Premier AM Start
        18 Classic PM Start
        18 Premier AM Start


        ***As a reminder, please check your team page for your most up to date playing and reffing assignment. There is a chance you could ref before you play on Monday.***

        The Colorado Convention Center doors will open at 6:45 a.m. on each day of competition so that morning wave players and coaches can enter the convention center and go onto their designated courts.

        All schedules will be posted on TM2Sign.
        *All schedules will be posted on TM2Sign the week of the event.


        Teams are able to practice the night before play starts from 2:00 pm-8:00 pm. Courts are first come, first serve.

        Practice/Warm-up balls will NOT be provided.

        The Colorado Convention Center doors will open at 6:45 a.m. on each day of competition so that morning wave players and coaches can enter the convention center and go onto their designated courts.

        All schedules will be posted on TM2Sign.
        *All schedules will be posted on TM2Sign the week of the event.


        Teams are able to practice the night before play starts from 2:00 pm-8:00 pm. Courts are first come, first serve. 

        Practice/Warm-up balls will NOT be provided.


        Can’t make the event? We’ve got you. BallerTV is the official livestreaming partner of the Colorado Crossroads, and we’re covering all the games so you or your friends and family don’t miss any of the action. Click here to get access to the Colorado Crossroads livestream!



        Division Rankings

        1. Open – Top Level Competition

        2. Premier

        3. Classic

        2024 Ages & Division 

        • 12s Premier & Classic
        • 13s Premier & Classic
        • 14 Premier & Classic
        •  15’s-17’s will have Open, Premier and Classic
        • 18’s will have Premier and Classic


        2024 Accepted Teams

        MARCH 9-11, 2024

        Prime  12U Black
        Premier VBC 12 Black
        LOBOS 12 Black
        Cloud Peak  12 SELECT
        Juggernaut 11 Regional 1
        Juggernaut 12 Regional 2
        Juggernaut 12-Regional1
        FRVBC 12 Black
        E3 12 – 1
        BullittVBA 12s
        DCVA 12N1 Jazz
        Infinity  12 Regional
        Rebel  12 Fierce
        ClubOne 12 GOLD
        Mile High Warriors 12 National
        RVC Diamonds
        EVA 12 Blackshirts
        BSVBC Big Sky Volleyball 12-1
        Diablo 12-1 Black
        JET JET 12 EVERS
        Vibe 12’s-Blackout
        AVA 12 Black
        REIGN 12

        Hot Shotz 13 Black
        Prime  13U Black
        Panthers Black 13
        LOBOS 13
        Believe  13 Jubilee
        Juggernaut 13-Regional 2
        Vision VBC 13 EXV Black
        Vision VBC 13 EXV White
        BullittVBA 13 Katie
        BullittVBA Bullitt 13 Drew
        ARVC 13N2 Adidas
        DCVA 13N2-Teana
        Lakas 13 MEGAN
        Infinity  13 Regional
        Flatirons 13 Black
        Rebel 13 Fierce
        LVBC 13-1
        ClubOne 13 Gold
        FCVBC 13 Terene
        Spikes VBC Spikes 13 JumpStart Amanda
        Colorado Nationals  13U
        EVA 13 Blackshirts
        FCVBC 13 Eddie
        RVC 13-GRIND
        Xtreme 13 Black
        Cloud Peak 13 SELECT
        Valley Heat 13 National
        Santa Fe Storm 131 Brie
        Santa Fe Storm 132 Kiran
        Black Hills Juniors 13 Black
        E3 13-2

        Premier VBC 13 Black
        BSVBC Big Sky 13 USAV
        FRVBC 13 Black
        ARVC 13N1 Adidas
        New Mexico Elite 13 National
        Black Hills Juniors 13 Green
        Colorado Elite 13 Emily



        Hot Shotz 14 Black
        Team Velocity 14-1
        Prime  14U Black
        Prime  14U Gold
        Panthers Black 14
        Premier VBC 14 Red
        LOBOS 14 Black
        SoDak Juniors 14-1
        Arizona Outlaws  14 Elite
        Believe  14 Praise
        Juggernaut 13-Regional1
        Juggernaut 14 Regional 2
        Juggernaut 14-Regional 1
        FRVBC 14 Red
        Vision VBC 14 EXV Black
        BullittVBA 14s
        ARVC 14SW Adidas
        DCVA 14N2-Destiny
        Infinity  14 National
        SVA 14-1 Girls
        SWVBL Lisa 14
        Flatirons 14 Black
        Flatirons 14 Silver
        RSVBC RSVBC U14-1
        Rebel  14 Fierce
        Rebel 14
        LVBC 14-1
        United  14 – 1B FARHAD
        Colorado Nationals 14U Blue
        Colorado Nationals 14U Red
        Spikes VBC Spikes 14 Z Pasky
        Spikes VBC Spikes 14-2 Andy
        INFERNO VBC 14 – EMPWR
        ClubOne 14 SILVER
        Radiate 14-Gold
        SOL 13s 14’s
        Club 801 U14 Alise/Jordan
        Club 801 U14R Bre
        Invicta 14U Quincey
        EVA 14 Blackshirts
        East Casper U14 Christine
        Kongo 14 BLACK – CALI
        JET JET 14 STEIN
        RVC 14-HUSTLE
        Cutthroat Volleyball 14s Black
        Club V 14 Emma
        Club V 14 Megan
        Virago 14-1
        Nebraska ONE 14 Ice
        CCCVB 14U
        Wyo Thunder Ellyce
        SWVBL DRELIN 14
        Midwest United 14 NAVY
        Colorado Alliance Sunshine Peak
        Amazons 14U National
        Amazons 14U Mambas
        Santa Fe Storm 142 Ashley
        Santa Fe Storm 141 Shirley
        Santa Fe Storm 143 Victoria
        Zapata ZVC14
        Incredible Crush 14 Black
        JET JET 14 VAN WYK
        Anthracite Beckwith
        Core Values 2023 14Blue

        Premier VBC 14 Black
        Elevate 14 Blue
        BSVBC Big Sky Volleyball 14-1 USAV
        Juggernaut 14-National1
        Juggernaut 14-National2
        FRVBC 14 Black
        E3 13 – 1
        E3 14 – 1
        DCVA 14N1-Dolores
        ClubOne 14 Gold
        Club 801 U14 Amy
        Club V 14 Jolana
        Club V 14 Papa Wayne
        Valley Heat 14 National
        Zootown  14-1 Select
        AVA 14 Black
        New Mexico Elite 14 National Black
        REIGN 14
        Powerhouse 14 Red
        Black Hills Juniors 14 Black
        Monument Elite VBC Legacy

        Hot Shotz 15 Black
        Team Velocity 15-1
        Prime  15U Black
        Prime  15U National
        Panthers Gold 15
        Panthers Red 15
        Premier VBC 15 White
        LOBOS 15 Black
        Arizona Outlaws  15N
        Believe  15 Hope
        Juggernaut 15-Regional1
        Vision VBC 15 EXV White
        BullittVBA 15s
        ARVC 15SW Adidas
        DCVA 15N1-Katie
        DCVA 15N2-Jamie
        DCVA 15N3-Charity
        Maroon Belles 15
        SVA 15-1 Girls
        Flatirons 15 Gold
        Arsenal 15 Blue
        Rebel  15 Force
        Amarillo Good Vibes  15 1
        FCVBC 15 Mandi
        Mesa Juniors VBCO 15 Black
        Mile High Warriors 15 National
        Colorado Nationals  15U
        LVBC 15-1
        MJ 14-1
        LVBC 15-2
        PAVC – NC PAVC – NC 15 Onyx
        MHAC 15-1
        ONEva 15 Zandler
        Hive  15 Black
        Invicta 15U Ashley
        EVA 15 Blackshirts
        FCVBC 15 Jen
        United VBC United 15 Ian – Smack
        United VBC United 15 Chelsea – Smack
        United VBC United 15 David – Smack
        JET JET 15 RHOADES
        RVC 15-HUSTLE
        Xtreme 15 Black
        Xtreme 15 Blue
        DVBC 15s
        SEC Elite 15s
        Colorado Crushers Maroon
        New Mexico Elite 15 National Red
        Abq Juniors 15 Trey
        Nebraska ONE 15 Grey
        Azone 2024 Azone Lightning 15-1
        Midwest United 15 Navy
        Bare Bones 15
        AZ Gators 15 Blue
        Colorado Alliance Mt. Bierstadt
        Colorado Alliance RedCloud Peak
        Amazons 15 Fierce
        Santa Fe Storm 152 Kiran
        Santa Fe Storm 151 Dominic
        Zapata ZVC15
        WYO-ACE 15U Red
        Anthracite Carbon
        Core Values 2023 15 Red
        Core Values 2023 15Blue

        Riptide U15 Tsunami
        Silver State 15 Dana
        Elevate 15 Teal
        BSVBC Big Sky 15 Eastside
        BSVBC Big Sky Volleyball Club 15-1 USAV
        BSVBC Big Sky 15-2 USAV
        Arizona Outlaws  15 Elite
        Juggernaut 15-National2
        FRVBC 15 Black
        FRVBC 15 Red
        Infinity  15 National
        Arsenal 15 Gold
        ClubOne 15 Gold
        Hive 15 Gold
        Club 801 U15 Joy/Heather
        New Mexico Elite 15 National Black
        COLSE Colorado Select 15s
        Club Legacy 15 ALPHA
        ID Crush 15 Bullock
        Montecito 15 National
        AVA 15 Black
        BEVBC 15 Navy
        TC 15 Gold Jaidyn
        REIGN 15
        Mayhem 15P
        Black Hills Juniors 15 Black
        Club V 15 Ashley
        Valley Fusion 15-Purple
        Rebel  15 Fierce
        REIGN 15 (Abel)
        Arete 15-1

        Team Velocity 16 Black
        Prime  16U Black
        Prime  16U National
        Panthers Gold 16
        Silver State 16 Kyle
        Silver State 16 Sierra
        FUNdamentals  Mystics 16U
        Premier VBC 16 White
        LOBOS 16 Black
        LOBOS 16 Blue
        SoDak Juniors 16-1
        Zoom 16-1 Khrys/Jesse
        Believe  16 Shine
        Vibe 16’s-Elite
        KC ZOOM 16-1 Gabbie/Mia
        Diablo 16-2 Green
        E3 16-1
        Vision VBC 16 EXV Blue
        BullittVBA 16s
        DCVA 16N2-Tod
        DCVA 16N3-Andrea
        Maroon Belles 16
        Lakas 16 MAGGIE
        Lakas 16 RIZZ
        Infinity  16 Regional
        Flatirons 16 Gold
        SWVBL SW Drelin 16
        SWVBL SW Schubbe 16
        LVBC 16-1
        Amarillo Good Vibes  16 1
        NV Elevate 16u Maggie
        FCVBC 16-Cassie
        Mesa Juniors VBCO 16 Black
        Colorado Nationals  16U
        Spikes VBC Spikes 16 Black
        TSV 16s Black
        TSV 16s Gold
        ITVC 16 Baden
        SOL 13s 16″s
        PAVC – NC PAVC – NC 16 Onyx
        MHAC 16-1
        RVC Knights
        Hive  16 Black
        United VBC United 16 Jason – Smack
        RVC 16-HUSTLE
        ACE 16-1
        RVC Blackout
        NCVBC 16-1 Black
        Rebel  16 Fierce
        AZ Gators 16 Black
        Nebraska ONE 16 Grey
        SA Empire 16 Royal
        Club Legacy 16 CHARLIE
        Azone 2024 Azone Storm 16-1
        Boltz  16U Desert Aces
        Midwest United 16-2 Red
        Colorado Alliance Challenger Peak
        Colorado Alliance Windom Peak
        Amazons 16U Mambas
        Santa Fe Storm 161 Jodi
        Santa Fe Storm 162 Nicole
        GT Rebels 16 Elite
        Anthracite Whetstone
        Valley View VBC 16 Sapphire

        Riptide U16 Tsunami
        Oly Reign 16 Gold
        BSVBC Big Sky Volleyball 16s
        Arizona Outlaws  16 Elite
        FRVBC 16 Black
        FRVBC 16 Red
        NLVC 16 Elite
        DCVA 16N1-Patia
        Infinity  16 National
        Arsenal 16 Blue
        Club Idaho 16Blue
        BAVC 16 National Black – Sal
        MJ 16-1
        Invicta 16U Kass
        New Mexico Elite 16 National Black
        New Mexico Elite 16 National Red
        Hive 16 Gold
        UPVBC 16-Adidas Elite
        MHVBC 16 Timberline Nationals
        Club Legacy 16 ALPHA
        Maricopa Power 16s
        EIVC 16 – Paige
        Midwest United 16-1
        Ohana  16 Black
        Evolve 16 Red
        AVA 16 Black
        AVA 16 White
        Club V 16 Taylor
        Club V 16 Emma
        REIGN 16
        Core Values 2023 16 Red
        Black Hills Juniors 16 Black
        NPVB 16 Gold
        BVC 16 Black

        3CVBC 17s Ohana
        Hot Shotz 17 Black
        Team Velocity 17 Black
        Team Velocity 17 Navy
        Prime  17U Black
        Prime  17U National
        Oly Reign 17 Gold
        Silver State 17 Joe
        LOBOS 17 Black
        Arizona Outlaws  17N
        OVC Outlaw
        Juggernaut 17-Regional1
        FRVBC 17 Red
        Diablo 17-1 Black
        LOV 17
        BullittVBA 17 Bullitt
        RVC Legends
        Lakas 17 LUNA
        Lakas 17 MITCHY
        SVA 17-1 Girls
        Flatirons 17 Black
        SWVBL SW Northcut 17
        LVBC 17-1
        Amarillo Good Vibes  17 1
        FCVBC 17 Kelley
        ClubOne 17 Gold
        Kongo 17 BLACK – TERESA
        RVC 17-HUSTLE
        Colorado Impact  17-Teal
        AIRCATS NINA17
        AIRCATS 17s
        Radiate 17 Gold
        EIVC 17 Mason
        Bare Bones 17
        NPVB 17s Gold
        Colorado Alliance Crestone Peak
        NPVB 17s Black
        Valley Heat 17 National
        Core Values 2023 17/16 Blue
        GVC 17’s
        SHV 17s
        Power Sports Academy POWER SPORTS ACADEMY 17
        AIVC 17
        SM Velocity 17N
        Xplosion 17U

        Arizona Outlaws  17 Elite
        FRVBC 17 Black
        DCVA 17N1-Thelia
        Infinity  17 National
        East Boise Heat
        SWVBL Drelin 17-1
        Club Idaho 17Blue
        SSVBC 17 Colburn
        INFERNO VBC 17 – C4
        Hive  17 Black
        FPVC 17 REN
        EVA 17 Blackshirts
        New Mexico Elite 17 National
        UPVBC 17-Adidas Elite
        Hive 17 Gold
        Abq Juniors Abq Juniors 17-1
        Club Legacy 17 ALPHA
        EIVC 17’s Andri
        South County 17 Erika/Sammy
        AVA 17 Black
        TC 17 Gold Chelsea
        TC 17 Gold Kaipo
        Powerhouse 17 black
        BVC 17 Black
        Juggernaut 17 National 2
        Juggernaut 17-National1

        Team Velocity 18 Black
        Prime  18U Black
        Silver State 18 Madi
        FUNdamentals  Mystics 18U
        Believe  18 Agape
        One Ohana 18 Rachel
        Power National Power 18 National
        Underrated  18s
        Infinity  18 National
        Hurricanes Hurricanes
        Flatirons 18 Black
        Rebel  18 Fierce
        LVBC 18-1
        Mile High Warriors 18 National
        NV Elevate 18u Ro
        FCVBC 18 Ron
        TSV 18s Black
        SOL 13s 18’s
        KCVC 18-1
        RVC Alphas
        ACE 18s
        Gunners Gunners 18 Crush
        NEVA 18 BLACK
        SIVC 18’s Black
        COLSE Colorado Select 18s
        Panthers Black 18
        Sun City Scorchers 18s
        Maricopa Power 18s
        Azone 2024 Azone Cyclones 18
        Boltz 18U DesertAces
        Azone 2024 Azone Thunder 18-2
        Colorado Alliance Mt. Elbert
        Goldfish 18 Orange
        Spark  18 – 1 Maria
        Santa Fe Storm 181 Max
        X-Statics  18s
        Kitsap Select Kitsap Select U18 Black
        Anthracite Axtel
        Core Values 2023 18 Red

        Riptide U17/18 Tsunami
        Silver State 18 James
        Air Capital Aces 18BLACK
        One Ohana 18-Peter
        Arizona Outlaws  18 Elite
        FRVBC 18 Black
        FRVBC 18 Red
        E3 18-2
        AVC AMerican 18
        Club Idaho 18Blue
        EIVC 18 Kelsey
        ClubOne 18 Gold
        Leaside Leaside 18U Wildfire
        Shonto Starlings Shonto 18s Green
        Ohana  18 Black
        GT Rebels 17 Elite
        NEVBC 18’s National
        Black Hills Juniors 18 Black
        Colorado Roughriders 18U Premier
        308 Elite Club 308
        NPVB 18s Gold

        Recruiting – UniversityAthelete


        Colorado Convention Center

        700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

        Cost: Team entry fee will be $875

        Medal Ceremonies

        • Crossroads gives team award plaques and individual medals to teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in the Gold bracket of a division. 
        • The medal ceremony takes place immediately following the team’s final match at the designated awards stage. 
        • Our medal ceremony is meant to be something special the team does together at Crossroads. Therefore medals are handed out to the team members that are present. 
        • If the players and coaches do not present themselves at the awards stage when the medals are presented, they forfeit the awards. 
        • Crossroads does not mail medals and plaques to teams that are not present at the ceremony.

        Refund Policy

        Refunds will be given if a team withdraws by November 30, 2023 (minus a $50 administration fee)  After that time the following policy will be in place:  

        GENERAL RULE: There are no refunds for entry fees once a team submits payment except for one of the following three circumstances:

          • EXCEPTION ONE: If Crossroads denies a team entry because the division is filled, the team may cancel its application and receive a full refund of its team registration fee, OR may go on a waiting list.
          • EXCEPTION TWO: If a team accepts a place on a waiting list, the team may withdraw and obtain a full refund of its team registration fee (minus a $50 administration fee) any time before Crossroads accepts the team into the tournament from the waiting list. Once Crossroads accepts the team into the tournament from the waiting list, the team will not receive a refund if it then withdraws.
          • EXCEPTION THREE: If, because of COVID/19, national, state or local authorities decide to cancel this event or the use of facilities we intend to use for the tournament or issue local travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders, mandate quarantine or border crossing orders that prevent teams from traveling to the tournament, we will refund the team entry fee.

          Any team withdrawing from Crossroads MUST submit an email stating the team is withdrawing to with the club, team name, and reason for the drop. The time stamp on the email is the official time of withdrawal.

          Prohibited Items

          These items are NOT allowed in the convention center and you are subject to being removed by venue security 

          • Coolers and personal chairs
          • Still and video photography and broadcasting for commercial purposes 
            • Bona fide media representatives may obtain credentials from tournament management for specified coverage.
          • Weapons of all kinds, open and concealed carry, and any ammunition
          • Smoking and smoking devices 
          • Alcoholic beverages 
          • Illegal drugs and illegal use of any drugs 
          • Food and drink from outside vendors
          • Any and all types of balloons
          • Personal music systems and speakers
          • Noise makers (ie party horns, cowbells, artificial hand clappers, etc)