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Week 1

March 4 – 6, 2017

12 American
12 National
13 American
13 Open
14 American

14 Open
14 USA
15 American
15 Open
15 USA

Week 2

March 10-12, 2017

16 American
16 Open
16 USA
17 American
17 Open

 17 USA
18 American
18 Open
18 USA

Teams Accepted for 2017

College Recruiters


Playing Courts

Attention Coaches

Someone MUST be present the night before to get your teams checked in. We will stay open until 9:00PM on March 3 for Week 1 and March 9 for Week 2.

2017 Team List

View teams accepted into 2017 Crossroads

2017 Team List Worksheet

Register for AVCA Combine

This year’s combine will be held on Thursday, March 9, 2017. View more info about the combines or register here.

Exclusive Photo & Video

Colorado Crossroads is a private event. Absolutely NO outside commercial photographers or professional videography is permitted at any time! *Note: You are welcome to take photos of your player with a personal device, but if you want something done professionally, please contact Micheal Hall Photography

2016 College Coaches Attendance

Interested in what college coaches attended 2016 Colorado Crossroads? Click on the links:   Week 1 (16s – 18s)  |  Week 2 (12s-15s)

2016 Team Results

Interested in the results from 2016 Colorado Crossroads?  Review all the final results by age division here:  2016 Results

“As a head coach of Santa Fe Storm 131 Thunder and a Santa Fe Artist I have prepared gifts in our clubs name for your organization in thanks for the incredible experience our girls had at Crossroads Tournament on both the first and second weekends.”

Scott Irving: Head Coach, Santa Fe Storm 131