• The Team Entry Fee is $825.00 per team.*
  •  The entry fee is non-refundable
  • Each club may enter up to 2 teams per age division per club. 
  • We highly recommend that you do NOT book airline tickets before we notify you that your team is ACCEPTED (registered is not the same as accepted).


To join us in Denver for Crossroads, each team must: 

  • Register via; and, 
  • *Pay the entry fee; and,
  • Register for housing via (if required); and,
  • Be officially accepted by Crossroads.  
  • Acceptance is determined by the date and time we receive your payment in our office and we are notified your housing contract (if required) is completed. We officially notify the team when we accept them; a team is NOT accepted until that time.
  • Payment may be made online or by check,** payable to:

FRVBC Foundation
8480 Upland Drive, Suite 100
Englewood CO 80112

*A club may pay for all teams in one transaction or pay by week or by team in separate transactions.  

** Entry fees paid by check do not complete a team’s registration until the date and time we receive both the payment and notification of completed housing contract (if required) in our office.  Checks can not be submitted until registration in TM2sign is complete.

Housing Reservations:

  • Each team 40 miles or more from the Colorado Convention Center is a Stay and Play team, and must book and use a minimum of 12 hotel room nights (e.g., 4 rooms for 3 nights each) at a tournament-approved hotel, booked through THS. (See list of approved hotels below)
  • Team location is determined by the official mailing address for the team.
  • Rooms booked at other than an approved hotel or through a housing agency other than THS do not fulfill tournament entry requirements.
  • Tournament entry fee must be paid prior to booking hotel rooms
  • After the team entry payment is confirmed, team may go online to to book hotel rooms (if required).
  • We  usually process completed applications within 72 hours 
  • We not process applications after 5 PM MST or on holidays or weekends


Medal Ceremonies

Crossroads gives team award plaques and individual medals to teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in the Gold bracket of a division.  The medal ceremony takes place immediately following the team’s final match at the designated awards stage.  Medals are not “grab and go” – team members must be present to receive them.  If the players and coaches do not present themselves at the awards stage when the medals are presented, they forfeit the awards.  Crossroads does not mail medals and plaques to teams that are not present at the ceremony.