Videography/Photography at Crossroads

Video taping, still photography & use of tripods at Crossroads is restricted. Professional Photography – video or still – used for any commercial purpose is prohibited except for our contracted providers. If your team has contracted with a third-party video or recruiting service that plans to video tape or take still photographs inside the facility, it is up to you to advise them this will not be allowed.

Additionally, camera tripods or camera mounts over 6′ (from court surface) also are prohibited. Tripods or camera mounts parents may want to use may not be placed in any walkway or aisle between courts or within 10-feet of any main walkway or doorway, and may not be left unattended under any circumstances.

Official media representatives are designated with a MEDIA tournament badge, representing a validated news source. The Official Tournament Photographers and Videographers are identified with STAFF badges. Any other persons conducting business at Crossroads without authorization are subject to removal from the premises.