May 7-9 & May 14-16, 2021

 15 Open 16s-17s: May 7-9, 2021 Denver, CO @ Convention Center
11s-14s, 15American, 15 USA: May 14-16,2021 Denver, CO @ Convention Center

2021 Crossroads Current COVID Procedures and Requirements


NOTE:  Crossroads must follow the most recent State, local and building COVID safety requirements that apply to the type of event we are holding. Such requirements may change frequently and we cannot predict with certainty what requirements may be in place at the time Crossroads takes place. We urge you to stay informed about the requirements when making your plans to attend Crossroads and be prepared to follow all requirements while at the tournament; information we have is updated regularly on our website at coloradocrossroads.org, in our newsletter and on our social media pages. Any of the information included about COVID safety requirements at the tournament may be changed without notice up to and including canceling the event. Masks are required for all people inside the building whether playing and not playing. There are a limited number of attendees permitted in the building.  

Implementing safety procedures and protocols does not guarantee any attendee is protected from possible exposure to COVID-19 while attending this event. Those persons attending assume all the risks of such exposure. Nevertheless, it is imperative that everyone complies with all the prescribed protocols to minimize exposure – and we will insist that all attendees do so. Please remember we are a Private Event; attendance is a privilege that we can revoke at any time.

*MASK UPDATE (Friday, May 14 @ 8:51am) : Good news! We have received word as of this morning from the authorities that players are not required to wear masks during play, all though they may if they wish. Guests, staff, coaches, and officials are still expected to wear masks in the convention center. Thanks for following us on Facebook and staying up to date.



  • Each Guest must turn in a PRINTED COPY of a negative COVID test result or a PRINTED COPY  of an acceptable proof of qualifying paperwork to obtain an Entry Pass.
    • Acceptable proof is a copy of a completed vaccine card OR a positive COVID test within the 90 days prior to May 14.


*UPDATE MAY 15, 2021*

  • Changes have been made to the schedules.  CHECK THE SCHEDULE 
  • Medals & Bids
    • All awards will be presented courtside to the teams.  All bids will also be presented and signed courtside. No photos will be taken. Medals are presented to all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in the gold bracket.
  • Baggage
    • NO baggage room this year and NO suitcases are allowed in the building. Please plan accordingly.
  • Refunds
    • Guest pass fees are non-refundable
  • After Play Reminder
    • Teams must leave the playing area immediately after your last match.  Equipment changes and photos need to be done outside the playing hall.



*The ENTIRE team and staff must arrive at the assigned time listed below.*

GUEST ARRIVAL times are highlighted in YELLOW

(all guest must be 16 years of age and older)


  • Each Guest must turn in a PRINTED COPY of a negative COVID test result or a PRINTED COPY  of an acceptable proof of qualifying paperwork to obtain an Entry Pass.
    • Acceptable proof is a copy of a completed vaccine card OR a positive COVID test within the 90 days prior to May 14.

Check-in for Coaches and Teams (UPDATED 5/11)


Coach must submit validated roster online* through TM2Sign 

  • Your roster is locked at this point

Online team check-in opens at Noon MDT on Sunday, May 9 for the May 14-16 tournament 

* To check-in Online, you must log into team’s TM2 account, scroll down to “Crossroads Qualifier/May events”, find the team you wish to check-in and click on the purple button labeled “Check In Online”.  The purple check-in button will only show up after Noon, MDT on Sunday, May 9 for the 14-16 weekend.

Entry Credentials

You get a Coach Entry Pass for each coach on your roster (up to 2) when you enter the Convention Center on Day 1 OR you can pick it up on Thursday, May 13 in Lobby B between 2PM and 7 PM.

  • Entry Pass has a scannable QR code connected to your picture 
    • It cannot be used by anyone other than you
    • It is scanned with each entry into the playing area
  • Coach submits printed proof of pre-event testing for each person on roster – stapled to one copy of the validated roster

Each person on the roster gets screened for COVID symptoms each day 

  • A different daily COVID Screen sticker is applied to each Entry Pass each day
  • Players get a different wrist band applied each day

Wrist bands and Stickers must be worn at all times and easily seen 

To Enter Convention Center

You get an assigned time and place to enter Convention Center 

  • Time for Day 1 and Day 2 depends on your pool position (1st, 2nd, etc.) for Day 1 the day in the Playing Schedule. Pool position may change for Day 1 and Day  2.   Day 3 will depend on the time of your first match or reffing assignment.
  • Entry times posted once pools determined (or, for Day 3, once first match or reffing assignment are determined.
    • All members of each roster must be together before entering building

Place depends on your court assignment

  • There are 4 sections of courts – A, C, D, F
    • There are separate doors for each Section, both outside and inside the building
      • Courts have a letter and a number – for example Court A-13
      • Enter through specific doors marked for your Section 
      • Once inside playing area, go to your assigned court number 
        • There are no duplicate court numbers – courts go from 1 to 66
        • Letter before number designates which doors you use to enter and exit.

Guest Entry Passes (UPDATED 5/11)


Each team receives one Guest Entry Pass invitation link for the number of players on its roster up to 12 

  • Invitation links sent to the team by email to the address in the team account 

Sent when the Coach submits a valid roster is through TM2Sign’s online team check-in – see process below*

* To check-in Online, you must log into team’s TM2sign account, scroll down to “Crossroads Qualifier/May events”, find the team you wish to check-in and click on the purple button labeled “Check In Online”.  The purple check-in button will only show up after Noon, MDT on Sunday, May 9 for the 14-16 weekend.

Online team check-in opens at Noon MDT on Sunday, May 9 for the May 14-16 tournament 

  • Invitation links for May 14-16 are valid until May 16 at 10 AM

Team coach or club director distributes Guest Pass invitation links 

  • Each link allows one registration for a Guest Entry Pass 
  • Each Guest must complete registration in Guest Registration in TM2Sign
  • Registration fee per Guest Entry Pass is $45, payable in TM2Sign
    • Guest receives an emailed QR code confirming payment of registration fee

The QR confirmation code must be redeemed for an Entry Pass – see redeem process below*

  • All Guests must be 16 or older
  • Guest Passes are not transferable to any other person.
  • Guest Entry fees are non-refundable

*Redeem Process

Bring the confirmation code you receive after registering (printed or on your phone) to Lobby B at the Colorado Convention Center – along the Welton Street side of the Center

Guests may redeem:


  • Thurs May 6 for the May 7-9 tournament between 2 pm MDT and 7 PM MDT (highly recommended!!),  or 
  • Thurs May 13 for the May 14-16 tournament between 2 pm MDT and 7 PM MDT (highly recommended!!)
  • Fri May 7 or Fri May 14 from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Sat May 8 or Sat May 15 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM
    • No Sunday redemption hours
    • No redemption for May 14-16 event before May 13

Each Guest must redeem in person and get their picture taken

  • Each Guest must turn in a PRINTED COPY of a negative COVID test result or a PRINTED COPY  of acceptable proof of qualifying paperwork to obtain an Entry Pass.
    • Acceptable proof is a copy of a completed vaccine card OR a positive COVID test within the 90 days prior to May 14.

Each Guest must have a daily COVID symptom screening and receive a daily sticker on the Entry Pass. There is a Daily COVID Screening station in the main entrance to the building.

  • Daily COVID Screening form here.  
    • Print 4 copies and bring to Denver
    • Fill out, sign and date one copy each day to present at screening station

Guests must wear the Entry Pass at all times while in the Center 

  • Entry Pass must be clearly visible at all times 
  • Entry Pass is scanned and Daily Sticker is checked with each entry into the playing area

ASSIGNED TIMES TO ENTER – Heads up Information (UPDATED 4/27)


Because we are required to screen each person entering the Convention Center each day for symptoms of COVID and to maintain social distancing, we must assign teams and Guests a specific time to arrive to enter the building.  

The time is determined by the Team’s pool position – this information is not available until the seeding is finished, which is usually about ~72 hours before the start of the tournament.  We will post the Assigned Times once the pool play schedule is posted.

The assigned time is different for teams and Guests – first all teams enter and get screened, then the Guests.  There may be a time lapse between the assigned time the players are admitted to the building and the time the Guests are admitted; to keep social distancing and maintain the permitted numbers in the playing area, we cannot admit teams or Guests before their assigned time.

Between matches, Guests with a team that is not playing the match, must leave the playing area.  There are tables and chairs in the lobbies (both upper and lower), along with food stands and exhibitors, on the street level of the building, for your use during the time between matches.  There are several hotels very close to the building entrances on 14th Street, too, that have lobbies where you can relax during this time.

After a match is finished, we ask that the Guests in the next match to whose team is not playing in the next match to leave the playing area quickly so we can readmit the Guests involved in the next match. 

We need to clear the entire building at the end of pool play; we ask that you leave the playing area and the building itself immediately when your play is finished.  

There are no tie-break games this year, so you don’t need to worry about missing a tie-breaker – ties are being resolved mathematically.

PDF Document Link

Courtside Requirements (UPDATED 5/11)


We are required to have certain Courtside protocols at Crossroads.  They include:

All attendees, including team coaches and players, must wear a mask at all times that completely covers your nose and your mouth

  • Gaiters, bandanas, mesh coverings, face shields are not acceptable
  • Also applies to coaches and players on the court
    • Anyone unable to wear a mask of this kind and in this manner is not permitted to attend the tournament

Guests may only be courtside while their team is playing a match.

  • Guests must leave the court area and return when their team is playing
    • There are food service and tables and chairs on the street level corridor and lobbies for use when not in the court area
    • There are exhibitors (including selling XR gear) in the lobby area on the street level near the 14th Street entrances

While courtside, attendees must remain seated in a chair.

  • There is a strictly limited number of chairs at each court to allow for social distancing
    • Guest chairs are only for Guests of a team actually playing the match at the time
    • Chairs may not be moved except by authorized staff
    • Chairs are seats for people.  Do not put equipment or personal belongings on chairs; other people need to use them to sit in.
  • Standing to watch a court is prohibited
  • All tripods are prohibited

Attendees must stay at the court their team is playing on

  • Attendees from one court must not move to another court to watch

Team coaches whose teams are playing or officiating must stay courtside with their team.

Moving to other courts to watch is prohibited.

  • Officiating teams may remain courtside and should be seated in a chair.

Guests must leave the playing area as soon as the team they are with is finished playing each

  • Includes all Guests, coaches, and players not actively competing or officiating
  • Seating for food services and exhibitor booths is available on the street level

News About New COVID Regulations in Colorado (UPDATED 5/10)

This week both the Governor and the Mayor of Denver announced changes to Colorado COVID regulations. To clarify how these changes actually affect Crossroads, be aware that Governor Polis said:
“large-scale sporting events remain under state supervision,” and that any large indoor gatherings of more than 500 would require a variance working with local public health agencies. And he said a statewide mask order remains in effect in the state’s most populous counties.

Crossroads has been granted a capacity variance that included a variety of additional stipulations; we have been told not to expect the variance to be further loosened before mid-May, which will be AFTER Crossroads is over.

Denver loosened capacity restrictions for outdoor events but not for indoor events.

The bottom line is that, for the Crossroads event, nothing has changed from what we have been posting as our requirements.

For more information, see this article from Colorado Public Radio: https://www.cpr.org/2021/04/13/covid-dial-will-disappear-as-colorado-shifts-to-local-control-of-pandemic-response/


Pre-Event COVID Testing (UPDATED 5/11)

All team members (adults and players) and Guests must provide printed proof of negative pre-event test for COVID (PCR or Rapid)

  • Pre-event test must be taken not earlier than Sunday before start of tournament (May 14-16 tournament)
  • A  Guest’s result must be printed and presented when obtaining Entry Credential – details for players and teams to be emailed to coach
    • No tests administered by Crossroads 
  • Pre-event test negative for COVID waived for:
    • Anyone completely vaccinated at least 10 days prior to the start of the tournament (May 4 for May 14-17 tournament).
    • Does not apply to single shot of two shot regime
    • Must submit a printed copy of proof
    • Does not apply to anti-body test
  • Pre-event test may be waived for person diagnosed with COVID within 90 days prior to the start of the tournament (Feb 13 for the May 14-16 tournament)
    • Must submit a printed copy of proof of diagnosis date and release date

Roster Composition for each team

Maximum of 12 athletes – non-negotiable 
Maximum of 2 rostered adults – non-negotiable 

  • Each adult must each have certification to sit on the bench. 
    • USAV membership, Safe Sport training, Impact certified, and background checked.
    • All persons on the bench must be 10 years old or older

*No practice times will be available prior to the start of the competition.

This is a private event 

You must follow all event attendance requirements or leave the building

You must be healthy enough to attend

  • You must be free from symptoms (Link for symptoms – https://covid19.colorado.gov/covid19-symptoms)
  • You must present a printed copy of proof of a negative result from a COVID  within 5 days of start of tournament (May 2 for the May 7-9 tournament; May 9 for the May 14-16 tournament)
    • Waiver if completely vaccinated or had diagnosis of COVID since Feb 6 (Week 1) or Feb 13 (Week 2)
      • Must have a printed copy of proof for either
  • Each person must wear a mask properly (covering nose and mouth entirely) at all times while inside the building
    • Includes being on the court
    • Vaccination is not a waiver for wearing a mask
    • MD excuse is not a waiver for wearing a mask
  • You must wear the  visible symptom screening credential we provide each day
    • Sticker on credential to show screening done for that day
    • Paper wristband of a different color or pattern each day for players 
      • Coach responsibility to make sure players wear wristbands