May 7-9 & May 14-16, 2021

 15s-17s: May 7-9, 2021 Denver, CO @ Convention Center
11s-14s, 15American, 15 USA: May 14-16,2021 Denver, CO @ Convention Center

2021 Crossroads Current COVID Procedures and Requirements


NOTE:  NOTE: Crossroads must follow the most recent State, local and building COVID safety requirements that apply to the type of event we are holding. Such requirements may change frequently and we cannot predict with certainty what requirements may be in place at the time Crossroads takes place. We urge you to stay informed about the requirements when making your plans to attend Crossroads and be prepared to follow all requirements while at the tournament; information we have is updated regularly on our website at coloradocrossroads.org, in our newsletter and on our social media pages. Any of the information included about COVID safety requirements at the tournament may be changed without notice up to and including canceling the event. Masks are required for all people inside the building whether playing and not playing. There are a limited number of attendees permitted in the building.  

Our priority at Crossroads is to provide as safe an event as we can for all attendees – this includes coaches, players, guests, officials, exhibitors and staff. Due to the circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to determine what protocols and required procedures may be in effect at any given time.  We stay in regular contact with the State of Colorado Department of Public Health, local health authorities and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Colorado Convention Center to adhere to the precautions required for all our attendees. 

We highly recommend that all attendees read the following protocols carefully with the understanding that they are subject to change and are non-negotiable.  As we work to maintain a safe environment, please understand we may need to implement new procedures.  We will do our best to notify you of new or changed policies and procedures as soon as we can.  Rest assured these procedures and protocols are in place for your safety as well as the safety of others.  

Implementing safety procedures and protocols does not guarantee any attendee is protected from possible exposure to COVID-19 while attending this event. Those persons attending assume all the risks of such exposure.  Nevertheless, it is imperative that everyone complies with all the prescribed protocols to minimize exposure – and we will insist that all attendees do so.  Please remember we are a Private Event; attendance is a privilege that we can revoke at any time.  

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 safety recommendations as we progress toward the event dates. Please visit our website to get more up to date information and available resources.

At the present time, the following safety protocols and procedures are in effect:



Attendees includes all coaches, players, officials, guests, exhibitors and staff.

  • Attendees who feel sick, have symptoms of COVID/19 , are in high risk category or cannot follow our regulations (for whatever reason) should stay at home


  • Before entering the facility the first time, all participants must turn in proof of a negative test for COVID/19, administered not more than 5 days prior to the start of the tournament, or a vaccination regimen completed 10 days or more prior to the start of the tournament.
    • We are partnering with a national screening test company (GreenMCMeds) to facilitate attendees obtaining a test with a minimum of inconvenience – details can be found here
      • This service is offered as a convenience; use of this service is not required.
    • Those participants who had a positive test for COVID during the 90 days prior to the start of the tournament (either February 6 for May 7-9 tournament or February 13 for May 14-16 tournament) do not have to be tested again but MUST  turn in proof of the test date and release after proper treatment.
    • Those who completed a regimen of vaccination 10 or more days prior to the start of the tournament do not need to get a current COVID test but MUST turn in proof of the vaccine dates.
  • All attendees must wear a face mask properly at all times in the facility
    • Those who are vaccinated must still wear a mask.
      • NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you are unable to wear a mask for health reasons, you may not attend this event.
    • Mask material NOT PERMITTED: Mesh material, scarves, neck gaiters, face shields without a mask, and masks with holes.  
    • We reserve the right to remove anyone from the event for not wearing a mask or for not cooperating after being requested to wear the mask properly.
  • We will screen all staff, participants and attendees each day for COVID symptoms
      • Temperature must be 100.4 or lower and person must be symptom free
      • Any attendee who develops symptoms during the tournament must report to our medical staff who will then provide guidance as how to proceed.
      • Teams may be subject to disqualification for the rest of the event if a player or rostered team staff member shows symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.
        • Our onsite medical staff will make the final decision if an attendee is cleared to remain in the facility. 
  • Maintain 6’ or more social distance from those around you.
    • Please adhere to the designated markings for entrances, exits, bathrooms, and lines for exhibitors and to the directional signage in walkways and areas with high traffic.
    • Refrain from physical contact with other participants and attendees (high fives, huddles, handshakes, etc)
  • Wash and sanitize your hands often.  
    • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building, but we also encourage each person to bring their own.

Pre-Event COVID Testing 

  • Below are details about a testing company we partnered with that will do testing at no cost to you.
    • You must make arrangements with the company not later than April 23 to use their services
    • You may use any testing services you choose; using this company is not mandatory. If you want to use GreenMCMeds, please review the test company material carefully.
    • GreenMCMeds
    • Onboarding Green MCMeds



Dear Coaches and Team Members,

As you are aware, COVID-19 completely disrupted the 2020 season. As we return to volleyball, our concerns for the health and safety of your “team”—players, coaches, and support personnel — require some adjustments to our “business as usual.” To that end we have implemented the following:

While at home DO NOT TRAVEL IF YOU ARE SICK!  We require all team members, including coaches, to obtain a COVID-19 test far enough before the tournament to have results in hand at the event.  (Exceptions for those who provide documentation they tested positive during the 90 days prior to the tournament, followed a prescribed course of isolation or quarantine and are cleared.) This is to identify those who are asymptomatic but who are spreaders while they are still in their home area and before they travel. Any person traveling with a team who has tested positive within 10 days of travel should not travel. 

While at the hotel, any team member who develops signs or symptoms of illness should not go to the venue. Period. They should be separated from the team and seek testing in the host city.  Global Event Medicine personnel will be on-site for consultation and advice on locations for testing in the host city.  Please check with each team member prior to leaving the hotel each day to determine, to a person, whether they have any sign or symptom of COVID-19. (Please print off 4 extra copies of your roster and use one to report symptoms – or lack of them – for each day. ) We will take the temperatures of each of your team members each day when you first enter the building. A fever, by definition, is temperature 100.4 F or higher. If anyone has such a temperature, that alone will prevent them from entering into the competition venue. Further, they should be quarantined from the team. 

While at the competition venue, if any team member becomes ill, GEM personnel are available for evaluation including temperature and pulse oximetry in a special room.  If a team member has any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they will be instructed to immediately leave the competition venue, given instructions on location of testing sites (if available), and advised to quarantine.  They should not return to the competition venue during the remainder of the tournament. This requires teams to have some contingency plan for those who become ill during travel, including for alternative hotel rooms, air travel and care when returning home.  


  • Do you know the quarantine rules of your home public health department?  For example, do you know the rules for returning home? Do you have to quarantine upon returning home? 
  • For those who work, what are your employers rules regarding travel and quarantine?
  • Do you have extra masks for your team?  As a courtesy, we will provide one mask for each team member, including coaches, but you will need more than one per person for the tournament. You are required to wear a mask while in the competition venue, even while on the court.  (This is a state of Colorado requirement.) Consider masks like underwear, they need to be changed or laundered at least daily.  You have to have an adequate supply
  • Do your team members have personal hand sanitizer?  They all should.
  • Do you have refills for the personal hand sanitizers? They will run out. 
  • Do you have sanitizing wipes?
  • Have you counseled your team on social distancing? Remember, your team is not in any bubble. Therefore, 6 feet distancing should be practiced.  (This also is a requirement in the state of Colorado.) Huddles during timeouts should be a larger space than typical, for example. High fives, handshakes, hugs and back slaps should be avoided.


The GEM Medical Team will be easily accessible at the competition venue.  We are available for injuries and illnesses.  Due to COVID-19, however, we made some alterations to the courtesy services historically provided to limit gathering at the GEM Medical room.  

Ice—In years past, GEM has provided ice on request—so-called “courtesy ice.” This will no longer be provided so as to avoid the inevitable congregation of athletes either waiting to receive ice bags or having ice bags placed on them.  Ice will only be available for acute injuries which occur on-site.  For example, for acute sprains or contusions.  If your athletes require ice on a regular basis, we suggest you make plans for ice at the hotel. GEM will provide empty bags that you may take back to the hotel.  However, we suggest you strongly encourage your “chronic icers” to purchase reusable ice bags which can be filled at the hotel. 

Taping—in years past, GEM has provided “courtesy taping” on request.  This will no longer be provided so as to avoid the inevitable congregation of athletes either waiting to be taped or actually being taped.  Those who have chronic injuries for which they typically receive taping services should be strongly encouraged to obtain braces or other support devices prior to the tournament. Taping will only be provided for acute injuries requiring the evaluation and care of GEM personnel.  

We with Crossroads and Global Event Medicine wish for a safe and fun tournament.  If you have any questions about the services provided by GEM, you may contact Lori A. Boyajian-O’Neill, D.O. for further information at lboyajian@gmail.com.


Lori A. Boyajian-O’Neill, D.O.

Global Event Medicine