Team Check In

Team check in for Crossroads will be at the Colorado Convention Center at 14th and Welton St.  Enter through the 14th Street lobby (by California and 14th Street corner).  Check in is in the lower lobby in the A Atrium..

Check In Locations:

Week 1:  Friday, February 26, 2:00-9:30pm Lower A Lobby

Week 2:  Thursday, March 3, 2:00-9:30pm Lower A Lobby


NOTE: Teams MUST check-in the day prior to the start of competition; please make arrangements for someone to do that.

There is NO late check-in on the morning of the first day of competition.


Teams not checked in by 9:30pm on the day prior to the start of tournament play each weekend, even if they play in the afternoon, will be barred from the tournament.  No teams will be checked in after 9:30pm on the day prior to the start of tournament play each weekend.

Player & Staff Wristbands:

At Team Check In, the Team Representative is issued wristbands for each player on the roster (up to 15) and each staff member (up to 3 – can be Coaches, Chaperones, Team Representatives, Managers, etc. or any combination of staff positions but no more than 3). These wristbands are included as part of the Team Registration fee – there is no extra charge for them.

  • Staff members listed on more than one roster receive only 1 wristband for the event.
  • All wristbands for a team must be picked up at one time by the person checking in the team.

COACHES: REMEMBER to issue your players a wristband before you ask them to meet you inside the playing venue. Players who do not have a wristband will not be allowed into the playing facility.

Enter Competition Results:

  1. In order to complete seeding of the event, all USA Volleyball-sanctioned competition results should be entered in TM2Sign by Tuesday, February 23 for week 1 and Tuesday, March 1 for week 2. To enter results for your team, click on the team’s name at the lower left, then the “Competition Results” button near the top right. You can enter results manually or import the results from a different system by following the instructions found on that page.
  2. Review Your Roster:

Make any necessary roster changes, additions, or deletions. No handwritten changes of any sort are allowed on the Team Check In Form. Your roster must pass validation in TM2Sign in order to print a Team Check In Form. You may need to edit several areas in order for the roster to pass validation. Information about editing can be found below.

  1. Team & Coach Requirements:

All persons listed on a team roster must be registered with USA Volleyball through their Region. All coaches on the Team Check In Form must be, at a minimum, IMPACT and Safe Sport certified. All adult coaches listed on the Team Check In Form must have a current background check through their Region.

  1. Make Sure You Have Valid USAV Numbers:

You must have a valid USAV number for each rostered person – all players and all coaches. These numbers should be verified in TM2Sign prior to printing the Team Check In Form and not handwritten on the roster form. Contact your Region to get these numbers if you do not have them. You WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the event unless this is completed.

  1. Edit Player & Coach Information

Roster changes can be made up until the last minute before you go to the Team Check in Desk. To add members to your roster, click on a team from the lower left side of your club dashboard in TM2Sign. You will be shown a list of current event registrations for that team. Click on the “Create/View Event Roster” link for the desired event. Click the “Show Eligible Players” or “Show Eligible Staff” button. To add members to the roster, click the “Add to event roster” check box next to any member’s name you wish to add (you can check multiple boxes), then click the “Add Selected Players/Staff to Roster” button. To remove members from the roster, click the red X to the right of the member’s information.

  1. Validate Your Roster:

After making all necessary changes, click the “Validate Roster” button. If your roster does not pass validation, you can correct the errors using the sections above. If your roster passes validation, you will see two buttons for printing your Team Check In Form.

  1. Complete and Print the Team Check In Form:

If you choose to print your Team Check In Form after finishing roster validation, click the “Print Roster from PDF” button above your event roster. If you want to print the check in form at a later time, first go to your club dashboard. Click on the team whose check in form you want to print at the lower left side of your club dashboard. From the list of current event registrations, click the “PRINT Check-In Form”. Select “Print Roster from PDF”. We recommend printing the PDF version but if you are unable to do so, then select “Print Roster from browser”.

Fill out the required information on the bottom of the form. This information is very important to have accurately completed. Sign the form. Your signature verifies that all of the information listed on the roster is ACCURATE & COMPLETE.

Information on Submitting False or Incorrect Information:

Penalties may be enforced by the event for submitting incomplete or incorrect information on a roster including a player’s age or USAV number. All players participating must be on the roster.

Roster Changes MUST Be Made PRIOR to Checking-in

Find a Computer:

Access a computer and a printer (i.e., hotel business center, FedEx Office, etc.) and use the instructions above to correct and print your roster BEFORE coming to Team Check In.