To all the teams that didn’t get accepted into Crossroads, we are very sorry and we truly appreciate your wanting to be in the tournament.  We had 1,693 teams registered as of the end of the first day of general registration on Nov. 20th – record-breaking numbers, at least for us – and we only have space for 1,450 teams.  So, you can see the problem.

Acceptance into the tournament depends on the “completion” date and time stamp – time the registration fee is paid for local teams, and time the hotel contract is accepted for non-local teams. This year, THS made an upgrade that allowed teams that paid their tournament registration fee to reserve rooms and accept their hotel contract immediately online (this process used to take a number of hours to complete).  This sped up the “completion” time for teams needing hotel rooms, and resulted in teams that did not pay as soon as they registered, even a number of “local” teams that got their payment to our office in the afternoon of Nov. 20th, to be shut out of tournament divisions that are oversubscribed – 15 American, 14 American, 17 Open, 18 USA and most of the Open divisions are the ones this year.

We are just one week into having General Registration open, and the entire tournament is virtually filled with a waiting list for almost every division.  We shut down divisions and canceled registrations for teams last night and this morning that had not yet paid because we don’t want you to have your money tied up when we can see you’re not going to get into the tournament.  And we are trying to give you as much time as possible to get into another tournament if we can see you won’t make it into Crossroads.

If you or your parents are unsure how we accept teams, please refer to our website,  If your team didn’t get accepted, it is most likely because there were a maximum number of teams in that division ahead of you that both paid their team registration and accepted their hotel contract before you did – the difference between accepted and not accepted was, literally, seconds.  A number of divisions were completely filled and had wait lists by 2 pm on Nov. 20th.

If you did not get into Crossroads for this year, we appreciate your trying to and hope you’ll try again next year.

To all of the teams accepted, we are looking forward to seeing you in Denver in March!